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Sony SLV-E275 VCR

John Posted Jan 20, 2003

I need a spare belt for my Sony VCR

can anyone help me identify a part number and a UK source of a part for my Sony SLV-E275 VCR. The VCR is chewing up tapes due to it not rewinding in the tape when eject is pressed. The reason for this is the plastic and felt belt on the left hand capsten (viewed from the front) has separated. The belt is about 2-3 inches long and has 2 white eylet type lugs at the ends which secure it to the chassis. I made a temporary repair on the part and it is now working but I would like to replace the belt with a new one. Can anyone help.


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    Re: Sony SLV-E275 VCR

     ElectroGoma Posted Jul 12, 2006

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