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Dissassembly of JVC GR-AX430 Camcorder

Connie Vanambugh Posted Jan 30, 2003

How do I remove the housing of the JVC GR-AX430 Camcorder? Only the back portion seems to be free to come off after all visible screws are removed. Is there a service manual that decribes this operation? I want to replace a broken drive belt.

e tape take-up real.
I have a JVC GR-AX430 camcorder (purchased Nov 1998) that has developed a problem with the tape take-up real. Apparently, this real is no longer driven to turn, and after the tape fails to be taken-up the camcorder shuts down the Play/Record mode. Thinking that there may be a broken take-up real drive belt, I have attempted to disassemble the camcorder to replace it. I can not find a way to remove the housing, particularly the top portion that includes the PLAY/PAUSE button and the side portion that encases the camera opposite to the tape cartrage door. This is the side to which the hand strap is attached. I suspect that this side needs to be removed to be able to access the potential belts that drive the tape take-up real. All I have been able to remove is the back portion of the housing. Removing the other visible screws from the housing has not enabled the top or the side to be removed. If there is a known dissassembly proceedure for this JVC model, I would appreciate learning the proceedure. If it is known that there are no belts in this model that can be replaced, this would be valuable also as it would redirect my repair approach.

Thank you,
Connie Vanambugh


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