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Discreet Logic Flame For Sale

Lori Carson Posted Jan 31, 2003

Discreet Logic Flame For Sale

*Discreet Logic Flame Ver 7.1 ....$ 114,000.
Octane MXE R12K-400mhz Dual, with 1 Raid (2 Stone&Wire)
120GB = 68 minutes, Pal Material, 5D Monster, Sparks and
Sapphire plug-ins.No license transfer fee. Owner willing to upgrade
to Ver 7.6 or 8, prior to your purchase if you want
to purchase the upgrade.
*Discreet Logic Flame Ver 7.6 .....$117,000.
No license transfer fee. My seller can upgrade to version 8 software
for $17,500 prior to purchase if you so desire.
Octane MXE, R10K 2x 250mhz processors, 1GB Ram, 4GB HDD, normales Video
I/O, Dual FC-Controller, Stone D9, 20" Monitor, Tablet, permanent license
CALL LORI: 805-581-5545


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