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Transfering from one video format to another...?

anonymous Posted Feb 08, 2003

Question for those who know.
I need a method in which to import my telecined 16mm feature film into my NLE to edit and then to export to a final master. NLE is a PC with Avid Xpress DV 3.0.

Here’s the dilemma:
1. budget restraints

2. my lab only telecines to Digibeta or Betacam SP (their only higher end video formats)
– no DVCAM.

3. no budget to rent a Digibeta VTR to import the video / or insurance for that matter that
would allow me to rent the thing in the first place ($700.00 a day rental).

Due to the above restraints the only manner in which I can achieve the desired goal seems to be the following.

Telecine to Digibeta, then transfer to DVCAM, then import into the NLE. Edit the final copy, then export to DVCAM, then back to Digibeta. Although transferring back to Digibeta from DVCAM seems pointless for quality sake.

My question involves the above method. What sort of dilemmas could I experience in regards to compression ratios and artifacts when transferring between both video formats? And is there a better method?

The manner in which I came up with the said method is I can afford a DVCAM VTR. Plus with it’s Firewire ports, importing to the NLE would be a breeze. My biggest concern is not sacrificing quality (keeping it all in digital form), yes I know, I’m asking for too much considering the lack of major funds here. The major disadvantages of being an indie filmmaker with big dreams and a bigger product to edit.

I’d appreciate any and all knowledgeable input on the subject. Thank you in advance.

Miami, FL


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