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Cables for video feeds

Simon Posted Feb 16, 2003

Can I use microphone leads to carry Y/C video signals?

I work in the live music industry and frequently need to get video signals around and about the place. Usually I run long legths of 75ohm coax and send composite video down them. However since most of my equipment will output Y/C I have been considering using this format - clearly the signal quality is better, but I have to run twice as much cable.
Just about every other signal in my industry can be run down a 3pin XLR lead, consequently every venue is always full of them. I was wondering if I sent Y/C using a 600ohm 3-way mic lead would I get a better picture than by sending a single composite signal down one bit of 75ohm coax?

Also if I were to do this, should I connect the two grounds together or leave one of them floating?

And, if I were to send such a signal through a multicore cable carrying many other signals, would it be likely to interfere with them?


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    The short answer is no. Video needs a 75ohm transmission line and termination to maximize lossless from point A to point B. Audio cables do not have a characteristic impedance and are high capacitance (read lossy) too. Look into twinax for video. Belden and others make very slinky video cables these days. Just remember, even though you've separated the Y & C channels, it's still video and requires the same bandwidth.



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