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dv studio2

golden boy Posted Feb 15, 2003

Video file from camera to Pc...?

I have DV STUDIO2 Version 1.0
Does anybody know how to get the video recording from the camera into the computer... the programm as I see it has only the stillmode way of getting pictures but no video in full length...
Please let me know if you have the answer...


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    DV Studio2

     John Posted Aug 13, 2003

    DV Studio2 is only for downloading digital still images from your camera.
    The cable connects your camera "digital still picture output" to your computer serial port.
    For Video you will require a firewire port on your PC and a DV Cable to interface your camera to your PC.
    You will also need software to capture your video and do the editing. eg Ulead Video Studio, Windows Movie Maker, DV Studio (not the Panasonic version)plus many others.
    Your PC will also need to be fairly well equiped. Pentium II running at 466MHz or better and a "large" hard disk 20Gig minimum - allow about 1 gig per minute of edited video with raw video also stored on the same disk.

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    Re: dv studio2

     anonymous Posted Jul 16, 2003

    get dv stuido 3.1 i think it is. that works.



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