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DAN Posted Mar 04, 2003

Please email prices for the items as below & quote for both new & used equipments separately & voltages are 220V / 50HZ / I PH.
In case you cant offer please pass onto your associates & ask them to
contact us. We look forward to your comments and please confirm receipt
regards Danny Dhalla President TMIA INC. G 2012 BALTIMORE ROAD, SUITE G 44,
Tel 301-762-5917

We are looking to purchase the following equipment to expand existing TV production and broadcasting operations:


2 x Desktop PC (Pentium III, Celeron or Athlon processor. 128 Mb RAM. 20 Gb Hard disk, Ethernet card, CD-ROM, Windows XP or 2000 Professional. Office-software, 15” CRT Monitor)
1 x HP Deskjet 6122 printer
1 x 6-port network switcher


1 x Libec LS-35BR Tripod
1 x Anton Bauer UL2-20 Camera light
1 x Portabrace SC-400 camera bag
1 x Anton Bauer camera bracket
3 x Anton Bauer Hytron 100 Batteries
1 x Anton Bauer D-2401 Dual Power charger
1 x Fujinon S20x6.4BRMP 1/2" 20:1 (6.4-128mm)
1 x Electro Voice RE50/B ENG microphone
1 x AKG K 240 S professional headset
1 x Mac G4 dual 1.25 w/ Final Cut Pro 3.1 Editing software
1 x ADVC-100 PAL AD/DA converter
1 x Behringer BEUB1204PRO 8 Channel Sound Mixer
1 x Sony PVM14L2 14” monitor
1 x Service for Sony UVW-1800P player/recorder (unit needs a head change, change of loading mechanism and a general tune up)
1 x Canon 16x Manual Servo Zoom Lens for Canon XL1
2 x JVC VF-115 1,5” viewfinders
2 x JVC KA-A50 microphone holders
2 x JVC MV-P615 mono camera microphones
2 x JVC Q-RX2 Anton Bauer camera bracket
2 x Anton Bauer Hytron 100 Batteries
1 x Anton Bauer D-2401 Dual Power charger
1 x Mac G4 dual 1.25 w/ Final Cut Pro 3.1 Editing software
1 x Sony PVM14L2 14” monitor
1 x Sony DSR1500A DV-player/recorder
2 x Professional Multi-format S-VHS/VHS recorders
1 x Sennheiser ME 66 Shotgun Microphone Kit (with Capsule, Power Module and Rycote 18cm Softie/Pistol Grip)
1 x AKG K 240 S professional headsets
1 x 3,2 m telescopic microphone boom
3 x 650W Lowel fren-L w/barn doors and filter holders
3 x Lowel DT-33 Tripod light stands, collapsible
2 x DTS Par 20 w/ barn doors and filter holders
3 x Super clamps
1 x Magic arm
7 x Misc. spigots
5 x Roscoe gel filters
2 x Photonbeard lightbags


Camera Systems:

2 x JVC DV550-STPACF 14:1 Fujinon lens, lens controls, studio viewfinder, RM-P210 CCU
2 x Miller DS-10 Aluminium tripod system (10 lbs)
3 x Miller 319 Lightweight dolly
2 x 50m JVC 26-pin multi-cable
1 x Sony CA-3A 26-pin camera adaptor (used)
1 x Sony CCU-50D camera control unit
1 x 50m Sony 26-pin multi-cable
1 x Sony DXF-51 5” viewfinder
1 x Bogen 3274 (316) Heavy Duty Fluid Head (100mm)
1 x Cartoni S440 studio dolly
1 x Fujinon S20x6.4BRMP 1/2" 20:1 (6.4-128mm)
1 x Fujinon MM-01 all Manual Zoom and Focus

Video systems:

1 x Sony DFS-700P video switcher
1 x Sony DSR-1600P editing player
1 x Sony DSR-1800P editing recorder
1 x Compuvideo Svr-1100a composite wavfrm/vectorscope
1 x Comprehensive CVG-81V Video Switcher
1 x PC-based Inscriber character generator
6 x Sony PVM-9L2 video monitor
2 x Sony PVM-14L2 video monitor

Audio systems:

1 x Yamaha O2R digital 16-track mixer (used)
3 x Shure SHVPL93C Camera Mountable VHF Lavalier mic
2 x Fostex 6.5" active studio monitor
1 x P/U stereo meter

Lighting & Rigs:

6 x Arri 1000 Watt Fresnel Tungsten Light
3 x Arrisoft 2000 Watt Tungsten Softlight
8 x Avenger C825 dbl telescoping hanger
1 x Ceiling grid system
- Hooks and safety wires


1 x Portacom COM-60 6 Headset Intercom System


- Misc. cables and connectors
- Misc. patch fields
- Misc. grip and safety equipment


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