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Need A repair or Tech Support

Dr. Afouna Posted Aug 01, 2003

Any help to Solve the Problem

I have a one-year Sony Vaio FXA53. It was working extraordinary well. However, during my work in the Internet, it suddenly stopped working. I recycled the power, but unfortunately it did not work at all. The hard drive power indicator is always off. Does anyone has some hints, tech support, ..etc to help solving the problem?


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    I Have a Sony Digitial Handycam Model DCRTR8000E, i can't play any tapes - , can see through the cam corder, but when I select Player can not see anything just get the BATTERY State, the tape is going around, can FF and RW , Changed Tapes same results, Using HI 8 Tapes, do i need to clean the heads ? Think another users used 8MM Tapes would this have caused a issue .


    Would you know how to fix the eject button on a panasonic agdv15? it wont eject and I can't get my tape out. Cheers.


    I need Tech Support, I have PANASONIC NV-DS11B digital video camera and it was working fine but now the camera stop working. Power ON camera LED flashes and can not switch VTR also cassete can not eject out it is copletely locked in. Do you have any suggestions to solve this problem. Thank you.

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    hi i have a dcrtr8000e and it comes up with error 61 can some one tell me wot is wrong with thanks graham


    I also have the same fault after three years of good use, but after mailing PANASONIC .UK and then being given a contact to repair i have since june recieved no help whatsoever to this problem. I did visit a number of repair shops locally but the inspection fee and sugested final cost have made it more reasonable to buy new.However i did use a blower on the guts of the camera then a hoover and last time it worked ok?


    I have a Panasonic NV-DS11B digital video camera that is about 3 years old.
    On playing back a recently record tape the playback is slightly jumpy. The video is jerky as if each frame is stopping for a split second.
    It plays back previously recorded tapes without problem. The camera was inside a camera bag when I was caught in heavy rain last week and I noticed later that the condensation signal was showing. I have warmed the camera since and nothing else appears to be a problem.
    Any suggestions as to the problem are welcomed. The tapes that I have are as old as the camera,I have cleaned the heads.



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