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NEW Sony Vaio PCG-GRZ660 Laptop - Powering up problems

Phil Marlow Posted Aug 04, 2003

Dead Laptop

Hi, I have a PCG-GRZ660 VAIO Laptop and have problems with the laptop powering up. I have found that if i take the CMOS battery out, then turn on, the laptop works fine. I put the CMOS battery back in and it works again! I have replaced the CMOS battery thinking this was the problem. I left the laptop off over night. Trying to turn on the next day the laptop was again dead. Any ideas??? Thanks in advanced.


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    I have an i-friend laptop which until recently worked fine.I went to put it on one morning and it wouldn't work.When i plug it into wall & switch on the power light and the battery light are flashing on & off continously,the screen is not coming on at all.I took battery out and the power light will stay on but still no screen.Can anyone help me please.I dont know much about them.

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    I am having the same problem with my PCG-V505BX. It works fine but when I power it down it won't power back on for quite a few hours even if plugged into wall. I've tried taking the power supply in and out and also reconnecting the HD but to no avail.


    I have a Vaio PCG-GRZ660 Laptop and I am having problems with powering up. After I power off I can'tpower back on sometimes for hours after a ecomputer will turn on but nothing becomes visible on the screen. It's like the hard drive isn't working. Other times after I leave it off for a long time it will start right up. I turned my power managment off thinking that might be it, but no, problem still there-please help!

    Comment 1, Last comment by anonymous Apr 11, 2004


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