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Sony laser

A.G Posted Aug 06, 2003

I'm looking for a laser pickup for a SONY CDP X777ES playeror a replacement. The laser nr. is KSS-281A Thanks



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    I have visited your Internet shop. I saw that. You sell pro technics. You live in USA??? I have very rare two devices. Which I have bought in Japan! Which can be used only in United States. and in Japan. And for systems NTSC. This SONY WV-D9000 champagne. And SONY WV-D10000 champagne. DVCAM... MiniDV... SVHS... VHS. Video recorder. Both devices practical as new! With the complete set! These devices. Really very rare! They can be bought only in Japan. I paid for SONY WV-D9000. The full sum 3500$. And for SONY WV-D10000. I paid 3900$. I could not use them. And for NTSC. At us only system. PAL. Now they are not necessary to me. How many you can offer me for these devices??? Please tell to me your opinion? I can accept money only through. PayPal. If it is interesting to you? Please. Send me yours email adress. I will send you photos of these devices. And thanks you for your attention! Regards Elhan


    I have forgotten to leave my data. Just in case! My email adress ! Payment for the sold devices. Will be only through PayPal! Only through PayPal!!! Regards Elhan


    Hello sir! I saw your announcement. On the Internet. Into account SONY CDP-X777ES. You search for a laser head. For it. I do not have laser head. For it. But I have in super a condition. SONY CDP-X777ES. Plus manual and remote control I bought this in Japan. In the city of Osaka. I have many devices from SONY ES. On an example very rare cassette deck SONY TC-KA7ES. I have bought this too from Japan! I a member ebay. I sell many devices on ebay. If you wish to buy Purely Japanese devices? That I can help you. Hold with me communication. Also tell to me your opinion? Thanks you in advance! Regards Elhan ( SONY ADMIRER )



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