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How to reactivate a CRT for Sony KV32-S22

Sergio Klarreich Posted Sep 08, 2003

How to reactivate a CRT for Sony KV32-S22

Hello! I have some experience with electronics.
My Sony TV (KV32-S22 220V/PAL-N/NTSC Adapted by Sony to Southamerica)went down, and the Service Guys told me the problem is with the CRT/Blue Canyon; and it could be reactivated.
As far as I've been reading, if I want to do it myself I need a "Reactivator" and a procedure for no over-reactivating the CRT and then burn it. Then...
1) Can I improvise a Re-Activator? How?
2) Anybody can explain me how to do it? For how long? How to see if I am destroing my TV?

Any help will be really appreciated. For MSN contacs... I'm in Argentina, GMT-3.

Thanks a lot!!!!!


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