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Re: Sony DSR-PD170 What is new?

eric Posted Sep 10, 2003, in response to:Admin

DSR PD 170 is a Fake Camcorder
compare pdf fom DSR PD150 with DSR PD170 pdf .....

no comments....



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    I research about many camcorders, Sony, Panasonic, JVC, Canon,.... I believe that the Sony PD170 are the best choice, price vs quality. The Sony PD150 start with some audio problems but they fixed, PD170 is better on low light, good sound, nice LCD, good picture. After 6 month I'm going to buy one, I'm just waiting to get at the price that I want. You can find it for $1,800, regular actual price $3,000. Better that this camera are the professional type from 8,000 and up. PD170 are like we said in Puerto Rico the three B's : 1. Bueno (good) 2. Bonito (pretty) 3. Barato (cheap) Good luck! Adios!


    ist any proplem in the sound of pd 170 becuse i wana by this camera


    I'm not impressed!
    Sony blew it.
    Pany DVX100 blows is new camera away

    Comment 1, Last comment by Jerry Sep 14, 2003


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