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Trouble with a Sony Trinitron Model KV-32S20

Chris Kelly Posted Sep 22, 2003

I have had some problems with my TV and was wondering what part I would need for sure.

Recently, the picture went out and sometimes it does come back on, but it flashes on and off. The color has also gone out of wack. It is only a yellow/green picture. I was looking to find out what the problem most likely is and how much would this replacement piece be.


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    Same thing, I get the blinking light but NO picture. All the sound is there, the screen just went blank. I t has been working fine up till now. Anthony

    Comments 3, Last comment by Greg Oct 17, 2010

    My TV doesn't want to come on any at all. A red light blinks by the stand-by button on the computer though.

    Please help

    Comments 3, Last comment by Peggy Covey Sep 18, 2009

    i have a kv-27s46 that wont stay on it just blinks on and off and the stand by light is blinking a code help please

    Comment 1, Last comment by brian Feb 10, 2009

    My husband and I were attempting to move our Sony Triniton Model KV-32S20 last night from the kitchen table back to the TV consule and apparently he didn't have a good grip on the thing and with a thunderous crash it fell to the kitchen floor (trapping his finger between the table and tv and creating 3 ugly blood blisters in the process.) We were quite enthralled with it when we bought it in 1996, but have repaired the picture/sound thing once, and since it is awfully heavy to move, I think it's time for a lighterweight replacement. It's too big to fit in the garbage can. We were afraid it would fall apart so we wrapped it in movers saran wrap and dolly-ed it out to the garage. Maybe we can call for a large pickup on garbage day. I guess it will fit in the westy to go to the dump, but my gosh the thing must weigh 200 lbs. Which gets me to the purpose of this post. How much does the thing weigh anyway? Thankyou, susan

    Comment 1, Last comment by Mike Aug 28, 2007

    FURTHER UPDATE ON MY LAST RESPONSE: Could very well be a shorted picture tube / CRT elements or a problem with the CRT driver pcb or even a high voltage / G2 problem----bone it !!


    Im getting no picture but i do get sound from the television. The Stand By/Stereo light also flashes. Id appreciate it if you could help me on this matter. Thanks

    Comments 2, Last comment by Anthony Sep 08, 2004

    The most likely cause of your problem is a bad picture tube which is going into 1k shutdown. The yellow/green picture also indicates that you do not have a red component in the picture, again, probably a bad picture tube. The cost of repalcing a picture tube today is almost as much as a new set so it is not really a viable alternative. You might want to check out 65 for an opportunity to earn a free replacement for this set with a little effort on your part.


    Mine (ten years old)just did the same thing. Working at 5pm but can't turn it on at 9pm. My brother in law in Texas had the same tv (11 years old), it did the same thing. He took it in for repair and teh guy told him $480, so he junked it.


    TV was not having any problems. It just shut off with no power. It looks like it is not getting power. Any ideas? Model kv-32s20.


    Same Here.... It started about 3 months ago turning green, but then that stopped and about a week ago it started blinking as if you have hit the TV button, but not all of the time (seems to be getting worse though)


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