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TRV30 will not flash anymore?

Jesus Benitez Posted Sep 23, 2003

Is it the flash lamp or something else??

The flash in my TRV30 will not flash anymore. I've played around with the flash settings, but no flash. I can't see any way of replacing the flash bulb. I need help in troubleshooting this problem. Has anyone out there had this problem?? Thank's for your time.



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    Did you ever find a flash for your camcorder. Mine just went dead. Is it worth fixing it? Thanks


    I have the same problem. I'm dissapointed. Have you alredy solved this problem? I bought external flash and because it produces much better photos I use it instead of repairing built in flash. But - you know, sometimes it would be usefull to have it (for example: if you want to sel it)



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