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Dominic Palazzolo Posted Sep 25, 2003, in response to:cris

Do you have any schematics on early NuTone intercom music systems. I have around a 60's vintage model transistor radio intercom music system model number N2561-2562 that needs some TLC but I need to locate some service literature for it. Thanks for all your help.


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    I need a nutone transistor radio intercom music system fm/am transistor for my place of business. My unit just expired, will anyone sell their unit need N2561-N2562 unit.(828)879-3000 please call harry

    Comment 1, Last comment by Bill Maloney May 02, 2010

    Hi Doninic, I may have what you are looking for. I will have to check. I have the same system in my home and it works great. I am looking for some Volume pots for the remote speakers (they cut in and out some times) and some complete remote speaker units.If you happen to have any i'm intrested. Send me your E-Mail address or fax number. If I have the paperwork I will send it to you. Roger

    Comments 3, Last comment by Ray Nov 29, 2007

    The schematic for the 2561/62 was likely only available to nutone service ccnters. In my opinion, unless there is cosmetic damage or broken knobs, It is not worth replacing these units. Unless you're an experienced tech. Or are on a super tight budget, and you just want to experiment and don't mind gambling with vintage equipment. Your best bet is to have it serviced, Space-age has a flat rate for the 2561/62 but any authorized nutone repair center should work. These units were usually loop wired because people wanted lots of stations all over the house. It is very costly to upgrade or replace. The best option is to have it repaired and then use AUX inputs to connect your home stereo for music distribution.


    Does anyone have the schamtics on a early Nutone intercom music system model N2561-2562 made around the 70's

    Comments 3, Last comment by Georgeanne Oct 27, 2005


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