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SLV-F900 Dead after major power lost

Bjarne Posted Sep 25, 2003

After a major power failure i Denmark (6 hours) - my VCR SLV-F900 didn't power on again - totally dead. Would this be fuse change or a major repair?

I am a end-user, I could properly open the cabinet and change a fuse, but will if - as nessaury use technical person. But the reason is - if error-find takes to long time on the VCR - for the technical person, it isn't wort doing. Then I properly will get a new VCR.

This is what happend - it was powered on, with tape inside, with SCART cabel to SAT-box, and SCART cabel to PC TV-CARD - and PC powered on. The VCR is the only dead one, everything else works.

The power faluire in Denmark toke half of Denmark and part of Sweden, and was in my case first back after 6 hours. Apperently the faulure started in Sweden a PowerPlant, with a faulure, then another Swedish PowerPlant on the other coast a failure - cabel, several power backup lines to other countries was in repair ,season for that, dannish Powerplants should had taken over - but they went down also.

Bjarne V Petersn


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