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Mavica 75

Newc Posted Oct 05, 2003

Disk Error

My Mavica got dropped. It hit my wood floor straight down on the bottom of the camera, it probably fell about 3 feet. I picked it up to check and it has Disk Error. I haven't opened it or anything, but, have tried several disk and it still shows disk error. Any answers besides taking it to the camera shop and they charging me 40.00 to send it off somewhere.
Thank you in advance.


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    Re: Mavica 75

     cris Posted Oct 13, 2003

    hello kind of hard to diagnos unit over internet but you might have a possible bad floppy drive.if you can install yourself.its not that difficult.we can order new unit for $110 plus $8.50 thnaks. let me know and we can proceed for ordering.



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