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Re: Who knows DVCPRO AJ-D650? Question!

patrick motley Posted Oct 09, 2003, in response to:c4ever

Hello...are you using a Sony recorded DVCAM tape? I have been told they are not recorded like other brands...we have had problems here at out television station playing DVCAM back on our DVCPRO equipment. I repair DVCPRO decks if you have any questions.


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    Sounds like you're pretty familiar with the AJ-D650. When I insert the tape, the tape loads against the head, but when I press Play, FF or Rew, I get an E-52 or E-55 error. Is there something I can adjust? I'm pretty good at fixing small mechanical components but don't know where to start with this. The left deck reel seems to be moving freely in one direction & locks in the opposite direction due to small moveable brake. The right reel also moves freely in one direction but is moves a little in the opposite direction. I guess the brake doesn't lock as tight but that shouldn't cause the error before the reels actaully move. I'm trying to get this going for the students in our media lab. Any ideas please? Thanks Rich

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