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JVC GR-DVL40 cannot be found by computer

nathan Posted Oct 15, 2003

JVC GR-DVL40 not found on computer. I have had a JVC GR-DVL40 for about 3 years now and i have used it to capture to my computer using XP Professional (through firewire) until now...

I recently downloaded the latest drivers and software for my graphics card (Matrox G450eTV) and it has changed my settings so that my computer cannot find my camera attached and cannot even find it when i "add new hardware". I have checked and found out that there is not even a driver installed for a video camera, not to mention no recollection of a company called JVC. And my firewire ports are working with my external hard drive. I have searched the net for drivers under the JVC website and found nothing. I also searched on the microsoft, ulead (video editing program - Media Studio Pro 6.5), google websites etc and still i have found nothing. I even looked up driver websites like and - nothing. I rang the australian distributor for JVC and they said to download the JLIP Video Capture Program, which only captures pictures from the camera through a serial connection. I was told that it would find my camera and it would work but i have had no luck. In the capture program for my video editor it always comes up with the analogue inputs from the graphics card but no digital camera. I have hunted the problem down to the computer recognising that there is not a camera attached. OR it could be the firewire port in the camera... PLEASE if anyone has any idea what i can do or where i can get drivers from can u please send a reply to this post. It is urgent that i get this working. Thanks, Nathan


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    ok guys the reason your having this problem is xp use,s a generic driver that is actually on the xp cd you have its covers all jvc and sony video camera,s try reinstalling your multimedia drivers on the xp cd

    Comment 1, Last comment by Hugh Kelly Mar 20, 2007

    I tried using my video camera on my laptop and it didnt work there either but i saw that the DV connector was screwed. So i think my problem was the port on the camera and it's getting fixed now. But anyway, how do we just install the multimedia drivers and nothing else? cheers.


    Yep me too I have a JVC GRD21 and I can't get that little bugger to work on any computer old or new.., Buy an Imac or an emac.. that's what I keep getting told... Shit my PC is two months old and I need to dump it already.... Where are the drivers for these JVC cameras???? JVC Can't help. I have emails from them... telling me to get in touch with MS.... help.. stigg


    I'm having the same problem getting video from DVL520 to firewire DVI on Dell. No sign of firewire drivers on various JVC sites, just USB and serial for stills. Let me know if you get a useful response. Thanks.



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