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1440 telecine package for sale

anonymous Posted Oct 16, 2003

1440 High Resolution Telecine package for sale

1440 High Resolution Telecine Package 1440 Hi Res (Serial #596) telecine based on a Cintel MkIII chassis, includes: *Steadi-Film PIN+ 35mm Gate (S/N 30-P101) *Meta-Speed Digital Servo, w/ terminal AST Bravo CPU Pentium 75 (S/N 501920-501) *DAV high resolution Digital Deflection (S/N 163) *Cintel S35mm Gate (type 40403, S/N 555) *Cintel 16mm Gate (type 40404, S/N163) *DAV high resolution AccuGlow system (shading correction) *PTR Assembly (for dust and static removal) *High Resolution gate optics *Tekniche high resolution FrameStore (S/N TK 016)), with digital outputs for 4:2:2, 4:4:4 & 8:4:4; YUV or RGB analog monitor outputs for 4:2:2, 4:4:4 & 8:8:8; YUV & RGB da Vinci 8:8:8 Color Corrector with DUI and VSR (S/N 1866), includes *SGI02 *Network Control Panels *Interface to high resolution telecine *Telecine Interface Cable Harness *new style Panels *Currently has version #4 code *Power Windows *Custom Curves *YSFX *List Management *Dual Standard *Colorgrade *4x4 Noise Reducer *TLC non 3:2 Leader 5222 Component Waveform Monitor (S/N 2907921) Sony BVM-20F1U 20 inch monitor with BKM 10R Remote Control Panel (S/N 2001017) Sony CPD-1304 VGA monitor (S/N 5122913) da Vinci RENAISSANCE 8:8:8 color corrector Includes: *KeyBoard Power Supply *MainFrame Power Supply *MainFrame (888) *Three Control Panels (KeyBoard, Soft and Joy/Soft panels) *External TLC MainFrame and Slave *Software version: 3.5f NOTE: Will interface to URSA telecine Need $83,000.00 for package US. - shipping extra Contact Carl at 412-519-4738


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