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MDR-CD6 Replacement Pads

mrme Posted Oct 17, 2003

We've exhausted all avenues looking for replacement pads for the MDR-CD6 digital headphone. If you have access to some please contact me. thanks mrme


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    Re: MDR-CD6 Replacement Pads

     jeff Posted Nov 30, 2003

    I am also looking for replacement pads for the same phones. If anyone has replied to your request I would appreciate the lead as well. Thanks

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    Re: MDR-CD6 Replacement Pads

     Floyd Posted Dec 25, 2003

    Anybody find a source for these? Headphones are greatbut original pads disintegrated over time.

    Comment 1, Last comment by Ed Martin Sep 18, 2005

    I love these lightweight headphones. Don't want to be a part of the throw-away consumer people. Also need to periodically replace my cell phone earbud foam covers. Can't find those either. Last time I had to replace my buds, the new ones didn't come with pads so the Cingular lady just grabbed some out of another brand's clamshell. Cool. I'll keep my eyes on this site in case someone knows about a source for the Sony's.

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    Re: MDR-CD6 Replacement Pads

     h Resto Posted Feb 08, 2004

    I'm looking for a pair of MDR-CD7. Can anyone make an offer?


    I have a pair of Sony MDR-CD7 headphones, but unlike the CD6, the replacement pads are still available from Partsolver for USD11.71 each. I have been very pleased with the headphones but since purchasing them in 1990 I am now up for my 3rd set of pads and have now clocked up the original cost of the headphones themselves just in replacement pads. Quite frankly I cannot see how a piece of foam plastic covered with a black simulated leather coating can cost so much, particularly as they last only a few years even while sitting in a drawer. Surely the plastic coating should not perish just sitting around. The foam base material itself doesn't deteriorate, just the black coating. I am thinking of having a go at covering the foam in some thin stretch material and using double sided tape to stick them on the earphones rather than buy genuine pads at an exorbitant price which I know will deteriorate in a few years.


    Have you tried Sony? I puchased some direct 3 years ago. I think they were around $10-15 each! But worth every penny. If you are interested in selling yours or know where I can get a set (mine are falling apart) write me. I'm in the San Francisco Bay area Cheers!



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