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Transferring from VHS to PC

Shawfire Posted Oct 24, 2003

Looking for Video Card or RCA concerter (USB)....VHS to PC

Can anyone reccomend a good external or internal video card that works with Windows XP. I'm looking to move some footage from VHS to my computer hardrive and then to a website. any suggestions. I'm looking for highend equipment..just something to do a pretty good job thanks shawfire


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    Best way without spending tons of money is to get a firewire card for the PC and an analog to DV conversion box. I'd reccomened something like the Canopus ADVC-100. This does AV-DV and DV-AV (so you could edit and put it back on VHS). I've used the Canopus A-DV conversion box a lot and it looks GREAT!



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