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AVID Editing Equipment - I NEED To Sell ASAP !!

Kelly Posted Oct 31, 2003

MUST Sell ALL Editing Equipment ....... ANY REASONABLE OFFER ACCEPTED!!!!!

- Avid iS18 pro Drive - model #SD3.50W - Avid Drive - serial #AF-18391-09SG Part# 1220-0066 Product # FIX-DRV-9000 model # AVID-006-06 Desc: Mac-0FH.65W.CNT.CLSRS - Avid Drive - serial #AF-14815-09SG Part#1220-0039 Product # FIX-DRV-9000 Model - AVID-006 Desc: Mac-0-FH.65W.CT.CLS.RS - Macintosh Quadra 950 - model #-M4300 - Macintosh - Accessory Kit Quadra 950 - Domestic SSW V 7.1 L443706SD #601-0277 - Pyxis E - Dual Channel Frame Store/ TBC w/ Effects - (Alta Group, Inc.) SN#-HID552 P/N# - 200000 o Digidesign Audio Interface o Quad Audio Interface REV. EJ (and) A14390 REV. EJ(Listed Professional Audio Product 85Z9)PM931001700 REVB o Sync/ Color Bar Generator - Grass Valley Group SCB-100N ASY#-096395-02A o Time Line Micro Lynx System Unit o ADC Telecommunications-No.4662699 - (24x2cable inputs) CAT# PPA3 - 18MKIINO - 4-26790-1020 L6 - Convergence Corporation - model#-2200-1428-03 - 4 Port USB Hub – W/ 6-Foot Cable - Iomega ZIP Drive 100 - AESP Data Transfer Switch o Canare Dual Video Jack model VWJ2-W o AB International Professional Series 200 - (XCR Input) (2 channels) - 714-945362-01 o 4x4 A/V Audio Output Harness 2 (#90 Rev 1) o 4x4 A/V Audio Output Harness 1 (#89 Rev 1) o Black Signal Generator BSG-2140 o Leader Waveform Monitor LBO 5864 w/ 1 Sony NP-1A Battery pack & AC Adaptor Color MONITORS (Large) o Mitsubishi Diamond Scan 20M color monitor- model# HC3925KTK o Mitsubishi Diamond Scan 20Plus color monitor - model # HL7955SKTK • AMIGA 2000 System o Commodore Amiga 2000HD - A2000 o Commodore Amiga 2000 Keyboard - model #KKQ-E94YC Part#312716-02 - Super Gen Genlock - Progressive Image Technology Model : SG-10 FCC ID: HJZ24H71488 VIDEO MONITORS o Panasonic Color Video Monitor BT-51300N model#-BT-S1300N chassis#-NMX-GLB o Panasonic Video Monitor TR-124MA chassis#Y13-1 CAMERA STUFF o Sony Color Video Camera DXC-M7 - 3 CCD Camera -- serial #0320827B o LC-M7G Carrying Case - (for Sony DXC-M7 Video Camera) * PRINTERS & MOUSES & KEYBOARDS, ETC o Epson Stylus Printer Color 740 serial #AGR1644510 Model P110A o Microsoft Trackball Explorer Mouse o Time Line Micro Lynx Keyboard o Time Line Micro Lynx Avid Interface Cable Kit o Apple Extended Keyboard II FCC ID#BCGM3501 o Apple Design Keyboard FCC ID: BCGM2980 o Turbo Mouse Trackball for Macintosh * SOUND o Autocom - Audio Interactive Dynamics Processor - Model MDX 1000 * Various CABLES (BOXES, & BOXES, & BOXES of All types of CABLES!!)_ •20" Mac Monitor Cable (832x624) #141 Rev •Mitsubishi Cable - FA5 •Audio Sync Cable (#65 Rev. 3) •Video Clock Cable 2 (#92 Rev 1) o EVERY Kind of Cable, Cord, Plug, Wire, Attachment, Connector, etc, etc, etc… * MANUALS o Canon Broadcasting TV Zoom Lens J15X9.5B o SONY – Portable VideoCassette Recorded BVU-150 o Panasonic Black & White Video Monitor TR-124MA - Operating Instructions o Sony Trinitron Color Video Monitor PVM-8020 - Operating Instructions o AVID - Installing & Using Fixed Disk Drives – Hardware Guide o AVID Drive Utility – User Guide (with 1 Disk) o AVID - MediaLog Macintosh o AVID - Student Guide Course #121 – Introduction to Audio Vision o AVID Drive Utility User’s Guide – Storage Solutions o AVID - MediaLog PC - User’s Guide o AVID - Bulletin Board - System Guide o AVID Hardware - Audio Products Guide o AVID AudioVision - User’s Guide o Sony Time Code Generator BKU-150/150P o Video Distribution Amplifier VDA-100A - o Sony Color Video Camera DXC-M7, DXC-M7K, DXC-M7H o Introduction to the Commodore AMIGA 2000 o Introduction to the Commodore AMIGA 2000HD o Commodore AMIGA Enhancer Software MANUAL o SuperPaint - Version 3.0 for use w/ Apple Macintosh Computers (ALDUS) o SuperPaint Addendum - Version 3.5 for use w/ Apple Macintosh Computers (ALDUS) o Apple Remote Access Personal Server User’s Guide for Macintosh o Getting Started - with your QUADRA 950 (with 1 Disk) o Macintosh User’s Guide – for Desktop Macintosh Computers o Apple Resource Guide – Warranty, Software License, Customer Services o System Disks – Macintosh (6 Disks) o Black Signal Generator BSG-2140 Instruction Manual o QuickTime System Extension – DISK o HyperCard – Player – DISK


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