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KV-36XBR200 will not turn on, No power indications at all

Bob Posted Nov 04, 2003

My television has been working fine. I turned off to go out for a while and after a couple of hours later, I returned home and tried to turn the TV on and it was dead!

Power to the TV is good. The unit will not turn on either by remote or by the power switch on the top of the unit. I tried other plugs that were known to be working. I did not see a fuse or breaker on the back of the set but there I would think be one inside. I am a electronics field service engineer (however not for TV's) so I am familiar with electronics but have never had this set opened for any reasons. I would appriciate any ideas or suggestions on checking it out. Thanks.


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    I opened up my set to investigate and found that the small cartridge fuse had blown. Usually there is some reason for such to happen however, I replaced the fuse (calls for a 6.3A 250V on my set) and the set is working again. Actually on my set, I did not have the actual 6.3Amp fuse and I'm currently operating with a 5Amp fuse which is easier to come by. They are used for some of the Christmas light sets; its even a good time of year to find them! The fuse should be replaced with the correct one and as soon as I locate one of the 6.3Amp fuses, it is my intention to replace it, or I may wait until this one blows which I will expect much easier than the other. It is not really a problem putting a smaller amperage fuse in but you should never replace it with a higher rated otherwise you may take out something much more costly than a fuse if there is problems. "Good Luck"


    The same thing just happened to me last night i have no clue what could be wrong? kenny



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