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Re: Panasonic ag1830

Shawn Posted Nov 14, 2003, in response to:Gene DiPaula

Hey...I have two of these VCR's. Neither one of them will turn on and the clock display is gone. Is that the same problem you have? Let me know! Thanks.


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    Pwr Transformer, VTP0153 is available as an OEM item for AG1800, I dont know if they are interchangable for the AG1830, I hope it is, and haven\'t cross checked yet with my failed PN for my 1830. I have all the same symptoms in mine. I\'m hoping this is complete PS module that I have already removed from my unit, but I don\'t know yet.


    Yes. I was told by a tech that many components on the power board are bad. Unfortunately, they don't make the power board any more. So, it is probably useless unless I can get someone to replace the components for a reasonable price, which are still available. Not holding my breath.

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