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Premiere hangs capturing digital video

Joseph Posted Nov 14, 2003

DV capturing issue

My systems is: Windows 2000 Service pack 3 2.6 mghz Pentium CPU 256 MB RAM 80 GB hard drive (not dedicated) Maxtor 53073U6 Adobe Premiere 6.5 Adaptec 4300 firewire card Everytime I try to capture DV from a Sony VX2000 a few seconds into the capture my systems hangs and requires rebooting. Does this sounds like a hard drive issue or software compatibility? Thanks!


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    Thanks for your comments. I use Gigabyte p4 titon MB that uses Rambus memory. I have two of the same 128 MB simms in there. Do you think its a problem with the Rambus memory?


    I had that problem with RAM strips that were compatible with each other for everything until I either went to play a DVD or Capture DV thru premiere If its not that you have the wrong driver selected for your sony (IT SHOULD SHOW INTHE DEVICE MANAGER AS A IMAGING DEVICE>MICROSOFT DV DEVICE (even tho its sony) for it to work If not may be the RAM my system afflicted thusly was a PIII 700 all intel (BX MOTHERBOARD with 800MB PC100RAM --perhaps the last strip was PC133 bu taking it out..fixed th eproblem and the machine perfromed all the tasksfine under WIN2k with 512MB ram left



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