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Sony CDX-M620 head unit

nanc Posted Nov 18, 2003

head unit won't turn on

I have a Sony CDX-M620 head unit for my truck. I have all the power going to the unit and everything hookedup. We have verified that power is going to the wires but it won't turn on. Do I have to have the remote to work this unit. How can I verify if the unit is dead? I also need an owner's manual.


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    Re: Sony CDX-M620 head unit

     michell Posted Nov 19, 2003

    From owning the same stereo I can advise you to first check the fuse on the rear of the unit. You do not need a remote control to power it up. Oh, by the way, my unit is in the shop as we speak..I have never owned a sony the doesn't die. Never.



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