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Sony PDX 10P

Ilya Ignatkin Posted Nov 26, 2003, in response to:anonymous

Bad points: 1. Manual focus is impossible to use the way you can do it on the PD-150. It should have been made as a direct mechanical which is cheaper and more effective. Better never use it. 2. The view finder in effect has just the same visible resolution as the LSD screen, or they don't look any different in this matter, which is wrong. Since it's simple black&white, it wouldn't harm to have a high resolution view finder. 3. Low luw sensibility. 4. When shooting at night time the vertical lines from bright objects are much stronger that on PD-150 5. No "rec" button on the top, instead the stupid photo-shot button which is never needed along side with the whole digital photo function. ------------------------------------------ Good points, few but strong: 1. Broadcast quality 2. Small size, light weight. 3. Price (see point one) 4. Custom presets ( the best feature) ------------------------------------ Ilya Ignatkin/ Liberty TV/ Belgium.


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