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Re: i want to be a movie star

latonya mack Posted Nov 28, 2003

i really wanted to be a movie star. I love to act and that is my dream to be a movie star i have been acting at the age of 3. I want to be a movie star because i have talent and i do it beacuse i love to act.I bevelive in myself and i bevelive that i can accomplish my dreams and i have convidence in myself. I know that my parents are proud of me and they tell me to go for my dream. I know deep down inside that my dream will come true. im not rich are popular but i know deep inside of me that im somebody I love to dance and sing. I write out my own plays and many other things.Ihave two big dreams i want to accomplish that is to sing and act i need an agent to help me out. Ialso have my own band i love to act and sing. please help me out!!!!! im am a delightful and kind person in heart i want my dream to truely come true. I know if i try hard and put my mind to things i can be what i want to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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