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Re: JVC gr-dvm50

lhl Posted Nov 30, 2003, in response to:Rob

Not sure the reason you are looking for one. Is it because it broke off? Mind did and I had it repaired, I had mine fixed at a JVC dealer in Chinatown NYC. They can re-attach it but just last week (a year after the repair) it broke again; this is how i came across your message here. I think it cost about $80 to repair. I don't know what to do now. pay another $80 every year when it breaks or just sell the piece of sh-t. The repair guy said he gets a lot of these with the dial breaking off. good luck and let me know if you find and info on this mater


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    Re: Re: JVC gr-dvm50

     senevice Posted Apr 09, 2004

    I just encountered the same problem with the same camera.If you have any more information can you please e-mail me.I have been searching the web,but cant seem to find the part.Thanks!

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