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Recs for DV encoder (specifically Canopus ADVC-50)

anonymous Posted Dec 02, 2003

Looking to convert old VHS tapes to DVD-R, some specific questions include:

Background: Have over 100 old vhs tapes, i would like to ultimately like to convert to dvd, running g4- dual processor and os X, considering adding dvd burner (@$150), canopus advc-50 (@$125-150) + dvds (100 @$1 each), and maybe 100 gig hard drive ($100) so, i am thinking @$500 total for solutions, so if someone has a better solution in this price range, let me know 1. Any reviews or recomendations on Canopus ADVC-50 pci card, this is about $100 cheaper than ADVC-100 but does not have VHS out, however dont think i really need that feature anyway 2. How many hours of VHS and how big per hour onto DVD? 3. Can you record out of standard DVD player ? (the thought here is that if I get the ADVC-50, and I ever really need to take it to VHS, i could burn a DVD and record out from DVD player into VHS machine) 4. Any recommedations for a video card that would let me use a second monitor, my wife does high end custom photography and we are wondering if we could "port out" with a good qualify video card to our television i know this is alot, but would appreciate any recs from the experts


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