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SONY MZ-N505 erases!!!!

anonymous Posted Dec 05, 2003, in response to:Matt

Hey im having some trouble with my MD player, im listening to it, and when i turn it off the module (the MD player itself) actually erases the whole disc. what the heck is going on>> has anyone else had this problem ??


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    Re: SONY MZ-N505 erases!!!!

     Big Talk Posted Sep 24, 2005

    I've had the same problem. Could the disk actually be empty? Couldn't the data stil exist somehow? There's GOT to be a way to retrieve it. Any ideas?


    Re: SONY MZ-N505 erases!!!!

     Jey Posted Apr 20, 2004

    same problem.... After putting the songs on disk by OpenMG, and safely disconnecting the player from USB. After pressing pay, the player says the disk is blank, afte checkingin openMG,the disk is really emty :S:S so what the f*ck.. I think this is a oldness disease.


    I have also had this problem, i dont know what to do, everything a create, dissappears, and now, i cant even hear anything, i just see the title of the track.

    Comment 1, Last comment by Phil Mar 25, 2004


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