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Re: Looking for a record deal

WISO AKA John Gotti Posted Dec 07, 2003

ayo, this is wiso reppen the dirty W.P.B,FLA.i been doing this life poetry(rapping) for about 6 year's already...i got my click 4th logic ready to feed. we hungry man.....from my own oppinion we original aint none of these soft cats out there on our level man.....some of these cats in the industry don't even deserve to hold on to a MIC.....rappen about war stories they heard over the year's.....talken bout gun'z,drug's and money when in reality they never delt with nothing like that.....i speak about my life style, what my eye's witnessed and that's word to 4th logic man....ask around my way about wiso.....they'll tell ya that boy crazy son....i take this sh*t to a whole nother level man....while these cats just listen to rap...i study the sh*t....while cats talk about the street i live the sh*t man!!!!i'm hungry and ready to do this thing.....and f**k the hood and the other cats.....4th Logic doing this for the make this world go round playa!!!!! one the realz.....ask ya'll self one question.....ya'll want some cats that aren't focused and that aren't willing to spend the night and live in a studio if necessary.....or ya'll want some real ni66az that are willing to take out who ever is in first place in order for 4th logic to be #1......we was born for success....but society doesn't want to give us an oprotunity.....holla back at the e-mail is there.....4th logic..... G's Up....oh and we got females too that sing....we got the whole nine yards playa...holla...1


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