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Analog video capture, editing, output

Chris M. Posted Dec 11, 2003

need help or advice or data on improving quality of video.

Ok, I hope this is understandable. I'm using am ATI Radeon 7500 to capture and (burn VCDs), a Dazzle 100 to output to VCR, and Moviestar5 AND Ulead Video studio6 to handle the capture, editing, and output functions. I do understand the "more copies-less quality" rule for analog video. What I'm doing is capturing broadcasts (shows, news, even some humorous commercials) off of cable through a VCR to my computer; editing the files to eliminate excess data + unwanted commercials, and outputting to VHS or to VCD. (Haven't gotten to DVDs yet, I want to get better at outputting in general before I get there) The problem is the drifting bands of varying light/dark which drift upward on the outputted media. There is an audio hum going along with this (sounds like AC hum on old stereos). I assume the cause is some difference in scan rates between broadcast and capture equipment. I have scoured the ATI, Dazzle, Moviestar, and Ulead sites. And not found working solutions. I'm hoping there is a way to successfully adjust the scan rates so they match. And, I'm not opposed to building adapters and some filters. Can anyone out there tell me if I'm barking up the wrong tree, or how to go about the correction,... correctly? Or, -heaven forbid, if this equipment is so much trash? Anything on this is appreciated. Thanks. Chris M.


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