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Equipment for sale, Atlanta area

Lars Posted Dec 16, 2003

Used, well maintained equipment for sale

Hello everyone, I am the recipient of some older, used but in excellent condition (most of it anyway) broadcasting and other equipment (HP servers, Netservers, etc.) The station I work for cleared out their storage rooms and closed down part of their operations, and I bought some goods...most of it was just replaced with newer technology, and the older items have been in climate-controlled storage. Anyway here's a list of stuff I have, if anyone is interested in any (or ALL) of it, let me know. I'm in the Atlanta area and will deliver or meet halfway on the heavier, larger items. I'm flexible so we can work something out. I don't think shipping the VTRs is an option though, they are very heavyand awkward..some of the stuff is on ebay (isn't everything?) already but wherever it sells first does not matter to me. First come-first served..I just need to get some of it out of my garage! Thanks (2) Sony BVH-3100 1" VTR's both in excellent condition, one of them is almost spotless...both have attached rack rails and maintanance of them has an empty Sony tape reel.. religiously maintained by this facility.....offer each or both. (2) Kliegl Brothers lighting/dimmer controllers in hardshell cases, one in pretty good condition, the other missing some slider knobs and such..$50 for both (no power cords for either) I think these were custom made for us, don't know much else about them. I have some pics but they are not very good. I have some other stuff but there are bids on them, if they don't sell I'll post them here. Thanks for listening, email with questions or if interested!


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