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xrc5100 no power

gf Posted Dec 18, 2003

How to troubleshoot a c5100 with no power

I had to replace my starter and battery in my truck. After doing so I have no power to my Sony Xr-C5100 faceplate. I have checked the fuses and things look okay. Is there anything else I can check ?


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    Re: xrc5100 no power

     Rowan Posted Aug 31, 2006

    I have copied the English part of the XR-C5100 manual to PDF. Interested?

    Comment 1, Last comment by Josh Jun 20, 2007

    Hi. Take a look at the back panel of the set. The fuse should be right below the connector. Can you tell me red wire goes to which pin, the yellow goes to which and the black goes to which. I lost the connector, I appreciate ur help. Thanks

    Comment 1, Last comment by MIKE SR. Jan 12, 2005

    Re: xrc5100 no power

     anonymous Posted Mar 26, 2004

    My problem ended up being a bad fuse in the desk itself ... I had to pull the deck out and it was in behind ....


    Re: xrc5100 no power

     Scooter93 Posted Jan 11, 2004

    I have a similiar problem, but I did not have the pleasure of replacing my battery and starter. I just drove thru some high water. (I know, not supposed to do that) The next day the unit acted like it was not getting power. I removed the unit and had it checked at an authorized sony repair shop and they said it was working perfectly, so it must be the wiring. I re-installed the unit and have skinned the insulation on the wires going to the radio connecting plug and voltage measures 13 volts. Still the unit doesn't turn on, So I am stumped. Have you heard anything?



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