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Sony DSR 20 for sale

Mark Posted Dec 23, 2003

Personally owned.. Very Low Hours!!!!! Includes deck, manual and remote control. Asking $2200. will entertain offers.

DESCRIPTION:The DSR-20 is a versatile DVCAM VCR with a compact chassis and a variety of convenient functions for recording, playback and simple editing. It features Auto Repeat Playback, Power-On Recording/Playback, multiple machine control interfaces and i.Link (IEEE1394) input and output. And, of course, it offers the stunning image and sound quality inherent to the DVCAM format. The DSR-20 can be powered by AC or DC. Ideal for mobile applications, the DSR-20 can be connected to a 12v power supply, like a car battery or battery belt, and powered via the 4-pin XLR DC input. Equipped with a Control L interface, the DSR-20 can perform simple Time Code-based editing when connected to another DSR-20 or other similarly equipped VCR's/cameras, like the DSR-30, DSR-250 or DSR-PD150. When using the FXE-120 or ES-3 EditStation, the DSR-20 can serve as a Feeder/Player. In addition to Control L, the DSR-20 also incorporates an RS-232 interface for remote control of basic VCR functions from a PC. Supplied with the RMT-DS20 Wireless Remote for control of basic VCR functions. When two or more DSR-20's are connected via Control S, they can be simultaneously controlled from one wireless remote by simply sending one command to the master deck. The DSR-20 utilizes the DVCAM format to provide the recording/playback quality and reliability required for professional use. It can also play back consumer DV format tapes without any special adapter. Two selectable audio modes are offered: 2-channel mode with 48 kHz/16-bit recording 4-channel mode with 32 kHz/12-bit recording. Dual-size cassette mechanism accepts both mini size (up to 40 minutes) and standard size DVCAM tapes (up to 184 minutes) without an adapter. Offers i.LINK (IEEE1394) input and output. When connected to other DV equipped machines, the DSR-20 offers digital dubbing of video, audio and data, without any deterioration of image and sound quality. In addition, in the Digital dubbing including TC Copy mode, full information of video, audio and time code of the original tape can be copied to another tape. Especially useful when making working copies of the original. Provides a full range of analog video inputs and outputs for integration into current analog-based systems. The DSR20 offers composite and S-Video input/output. These connections in combination with its i.LINK interface allow a smooth transition to an all digital system in the future. Automatic Repeat function for repeated playback. After reaching either the end of the tape, the first blank portion or the first index point, the DSR-20 automatically rewinds the tape, then starts playing back the segment again. It is capable of searching for Index Points, which are recorded on the tape as in-point marks every time a recording starts. It can also search for photo data recorded on a DVCAM cassette by the DSR-250, DSR-300A, DSR-PD150, or where the recording date has been changed. External sync input enables synchronized playback with other VCRs. Especially important in A/B Roll configurations. The DSR-20 has a Control S input allowing control via the optional DSRM-20 Remote Control. The DSR-20 adds a Control S output connector allowing two or more (up to 50) DSR-20s to be daisy-chained and controlled from one DSRM-20. With the DSRM-20 Remote Control you can shuttle up to 115x normal speed and 12x normal speed in jog mode. You can also use the remote to quickly find desired points using index signals or date and photo mode information. Power-On Playback capability for unattended automatic playback. When connected to an external timer and its TIMER switch set to REPEAT, it goes into Auto Repeat mode and starts playing back the moment AC power is turned on. The DSR-20 also adds Power-On Record capability. When connected to an external timer and the DSR-20's TIMER switch is set to REC, the VCR starts recording as soon as power is turned on. The DSR20 is compact and lightweight. Designed as half rack size in width and 2RU high, two DSR-20's can be mounted side-by-side in a 19-inch rack. It weighs 11 lbs. SPECS: Video Inputs Composite (BNC x1) S-Video (4 pin x1) i.Link (IEEE1394 4 pin x1) Video Outputs Composite (BNC x1) Monitor Out (BNC x1) S-Video (4 pin x1) i.Link (IEEE1394 4 pin x1) Audio Inputs Left, Right (RCA phono jack x2) Audio Outputs RCA (x2) Headphone Jack Stereo Mini (x1) Digital I/O i-Link (DV in/out IEEE1394 based 4 pin x1) Search Speed Via DSRM20 Shuttle: + or - 1/5, 1, 2, 10, 15 x Jog: + or - 1/10, 1/5, 1, 2 x Remote RS-232C (9 pin) Lanc Control (Stereo Sub-Mini jack) Color System NTSC Dimensions (WxHxD) 8 1/2 x 3 7/8 x 15 1/2" Weight 5.0kg (11lbs.) Power Requirements AC: 120v, 50/60Hz DC: 12v (4 pin)


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