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JVC DVD/home theater overheating - XV-THA5

David Carr Posted Dec 24, 2003

My JVC DVD/home theater overheating - model XV-THA5 - keeps overheating and shutting down, even though the fan in back is apparently functioning.

Is there a better way to cool off this equipment? Is there a more powerful fan that could be installed or something? Overheating probably had something to do with why main circuit board had to be replaced a few months ago. I hate to pay for more repairs -- getting to the point where I could buy a replacement cheaper. I would consider opening it up and trying to add a new fan, if that's what needs to be done. The fan does seem to be spinning when a DVD or CD is playing, but the top of the case still gets very hot. I've repeatedly had it shut down in the middle of a movie. I've got it in a fairly open entertainment center case, and the fan's not blocked or anything.


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    David, I just found your problem about JVC home theater system over heating. I have the same problem with my model (XV-THA5) and I've had it about 2 years now. Did you find out what to do to correct the problem or is this something you have to send back to the factory? I'm interested in your out come. I'll be waiting for your reply. v/r Lonnie


    I have the same problem with my dvd player did you get any answer on that i have a XV-THA5 and it over hits to greetings Victor



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