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renee Posted Dec 26, 2003

I need help with Q tech ---- why cant Rueben do what he says he will do?

I bought a MX3000 from Qtech and Rueben in 2001 and had trouble to even get it - had a push a flight back to West Africa where I work to wait for it...but my credit card was used before I got the camera. After only using it on the job for about 3 hours, it went haywire and I have it on video. I emailed and emailed for almost a year and was in difficult Liberia at the time when finally Rueben replied. I finally found someone months later to take the camera back on the plane so no one could say it broke in the mail. Rueben has had the same camera since March 2003. After repeated calls, emails, promises from him I am still without the camera or the promised refund. I am so sick of the whole thing and what has becone a story from hell for me and a lesson in greedy people. Being in West Africa in a very tight situation for the past two plus years has been hard enough. I lost many jobs because I did not have a good camera and had to rent substandard ones when I did work. And there seems nothing I can do now but complain and make my lawyer take the next step. Chuckmeister says I had better get in line - I seem to be number 13 or so after a refund. I want to see if this is posted - is there justice?


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