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Pinnacle Studio 8 audio promlems

Steve W. Posted Jan 03, 2004

Can not hear added back ground sound or music that I added in edit stage of creating movie with Pinnacle Studio 8. I am using a ATI All-In-Wounder 9000 pro 64 MB sound card.

The captured sound works fine. I can also see the sound gauges indicating background and CD sounds that I added to my projects during playback. However, in all of my projects no background and CD sound is audible. Yet, I can continue to hear the orginal captured sound track fine. Of course I checked that no tracks are muted nor that sound is turned off. When I start a new project for testing purposes everything works fine until the project grows bigger with many takes, transitions etc. I have also installed program patches for Studio 8. What is going on? There have been multiple similar questions on this board without any answers coming from Pinnacle. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!


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