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Re: Circuit Diagram for Sony Tv KV-35S40 Wanted

anonymous Posted Jan 06, 2004, in response to:anonymous

I did get a hold of the circuit diagram, but it didn't do much help because I can't understand it. I thought there would have been some trouble shooting procedures with it. In any case, check the "heater" on your TV. To do this you need to take off the back cover. Not too hard, just a dozen screws. On the back end of the "big tube" there is a check light for the heater tube. (The light is in a little eye shaped drawing on the circuit board). If that is glowing (TV has to be in the "on" position with the little red light flashing in the front), then you have a different situation than me. My heater light is not glowing. I called a TV repair place and they said it looks like there isn't any charge going to the heater, but not that the "big" tube is shot. They really couldn't tell me anything else without seeing the TV, but did say it would cost about $150 to $200 to fix. I haven't pursued fixing the TV yet, but will most likely.


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