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Audio OutPut Problems to PD150

Espen Posted Jan 07, 2004

Audio OutPut Problems to PD150. Wants to export to 48k, the camera wants to export to 32k

Hi everyone! I´m currently editing a music video which I shot on my PD150. As I´m working in Europe I work with a 48k hz audio set up (in PAL of course). When I´m exporting the file the camera won´t export to anything but 32k hz (or something around 30k) so the sound is really disturbing to listen to (sounds kind of like poping popcorn). I try to go in and change to 48k on the camera menu, but the camera remainds the same. I´m using Premiere 6.5 if it helps. Hardware: PowerBook G4 I´d appreciate it if someone could help me out here! Thanks, e..


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