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LIfe of widescreen TVs in domestic usage

S M Spiers Posted Jan 09, 2004

How long should a circuit board last in a conventional domestic widescreen 50Hz TV st?

I know manufacturers usually offer a 12 month warrantee but what is a fair term for the use of a TV? Are there any listings of a table for lifespan expectancy? I have a TV which cost under £200 which has been great and lasted over 11 years in daily use. And another which failed within three months when the circuit board burnt out which was repaired under warrantee but has now burnt out again and died within less than three years since purchase. So what is a reasonable life for a TV? Can manufacturers expect customers to replace £400 TV sets every three years? Is there a built in obsolence factor? What are manufacturers doing to ensure "fit for use" legal compliance and what right of redress does the public have when they are the owner of a nearly new but out of warrantee "deceased" TV?


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