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Nearly stable self build Avid Xpress DV 3.0 system

Joe Myers Posted Jan 10, 2004

Anyone managed a stable XDV v3 self build system?

Just logged on to this site for the first time because I get stuttering sound when digitizing audio at 48khz simultaneously with video (if I digitize them seperately it's fine). I can digitize video simultaneously with audio at 38khz with no probs. I have: A7V8X-X VIA KT400 motherboard using onboard sound, 512mb DDR333 PC2700 RAM, 7200rpm Maxtor, Asus GF FX5200 8x AGP graphics card, Athlon XP 2200. So far I've edited, created fx and burned DVD's but having to resync 48khz audio is geting on my nerves. Can my onboard sound be configured to digitize audio at 48khz simultaneously with video or will I require a seperate sound card....if so, which one?


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