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Re: Panasonic AG-EZ50 Versus Sony TRV950 or any other cam

marco Posted Jan 09, 2004

Don't let the numbers fool you

Manufacturer specs may or maybe not complimentary, and I mean that they try to convince you to choose them. People see your videos with their eyes, not with an scrutinizing machine (I havent seen any), so, if you the footage taken with X looks better for you than that of Y, you can make a good decision, not by the numbers. Also, Pro equipment is made to be more robust than consumer one and the lack of gimmicks traduces in more control. AG-EZ50 uses OPTICAL IMAGE STABILIZER, that, in theory, doesn't affect image quality, in the other hand, digital image stabilizer is cheaper, but affects adversely image quality. At last, don't be fooled by Low Lux sensitivity, at 15 lux, the image quality may be better in the AG-EZ50 than on any other that claims to be 1 or 0 lux (that in general, is made possible thanks to amplification of the signal, and video noise comming from the CCD). In a poorly lit place (not dark), lux levels can be in the 100 lux range (take a lux-meter like the Kyoyritsu to verify it), so, I think the AG-EZ50 could do the job, or isn't it?


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