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Canon XM-3, GL-3, XL2 new camcorders

Admin Posted Jan 12, 2004

Is canon going to upgrade its pro camcorder range?


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    Nah, Instead of upgrading I think Canon will take a backwards step and reintroduce Hi 8 analogue tape as their pro camera range and while they are at it they will reintroduce crappy lenses, scrap the image stabilizer features, have shorter battery life and less in-camera features on their cameras. The future for Canon will find it's foundations in the past and everybody will try and get the 'Film Look' from even shitter equipment than is available at the moment. Regards, Ian (Pissed off about having to wait for the XL2) E. Robertson.

    Comment 1, Last comment by testy Jun 22, 2004

    it´s no fear that canon treats us this way, we deserve to know when it is coming out at least with some time in advance. they are loosing more and more people due to the way they ignore everybody questions. the problem is we can´t do nothing and as soon it comes out we will run to buy it. it seems is going to be amaizing, but sheet we neet to know how much amaizing is it going to be. we need to work to live and we need to know what do we really have available.


    Ok, I have waited and waited...i am frankly sick of it...Canon ought to tell us now what it has NAB has finished with the confrences and there seems to be no camera in the exhibition... perhaps there is no XL2??????

    Comment 1, Last comment by C. Bailey May 31, 2004

    I've never heard of XM3 but Canon XL2 will come out pretty soon. In 2004 I think.

    Comment 1, Last comment by Jason cawthorne May 30, 2004

    They have a rebate for the XL1s till the end of June. Perhaps an announcement in July for a late Fall release?

    Comments 2, Last comment by bogdant May 18, 2004

    I have gone for the Panasonic DVX 100, its really a wonderful camera that will last me a good 5yrs. Its pictutre quality, ease of use is genrally better than my old xl1-s (unless I used a pro lens). Its really the best value for money out there. It wasn't easy giving up on Canon, I may slightliy regret it when the Xl-2 is released but really with what little information there is out there Ion't have any reason to. I'm shooting a film next week, withmuch bettwer equipment then i had. The question everyone should ask is our loyalty to canon worth the wait?


    Somebody must know something about a new model xl2s.


    Is this a camcorder, or a rock album. enough with the secrecy, just tell us what the XL-2 has to offer, so that if were contimplating buying a new camera, we know whether we should wait for the XL2, or save a few grand and buy a panasonic DVX100, which is already proven itself to be a great 24p camera, at a decent price.

    Comment 1, Last comment by Ken Apr 18, 2004

    Release date

     anonymous Posted Mar 12, 2004

    Canon's planning for a release of the XL-2 in February of 2004.


    The XM3 would be the new version of the XM2. The XM2 is essentially the GL2, but for europe. Instead of NTSC (30fps) it's PAL (25fps). A lot of people looking for the "film look" like to get the XM2 because of its closeness to film framerate (24fps). I just got the GL2 not long ago, I'm really loving it. I wouldn't hesitate to get a GL3 when and if one comes out. I think Canon would do well to enter the High Definition market and make a HD camera, or make the GL3/XL2 capable of at least 720p.


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