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BVW-75 and BVW-50 dubbing setup

Drew Reed Posted Jan 14, 2004

Beta dubbing with a BVW-75 and BVW-50

I'd give my right arm if someone could give me some advice or a diagram of how to connect these two machines together to make a copy of a beat tape. I'm desperate.


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    Hello Drew, Can you say more on what is wrong in your settings...? Usually, it seems pretty much straight forward, where you connect you component cables from the BVW-50 (out -call this player) going to the BVW-75 (in - call this one recorder). The same for the XLR (audio) cables. Do not forget to give a reference IN to the recorder (can be a video camera with closed (black) optical composite signal) Put one more cable for time-code if you need the same to be copied also. (simple BNC cable) and setup the recorder time-code in the menu (or switch) to 'external'... Or did i misundertood the question ? Patrick



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