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Re: DVCPRO format

Patrick Luisier Posted Jan 15, 2004, in response to:Admin

DVCPRO format is effectivelly much better than DVCAM in the sense it runs faster, so less possibility of drops on tape. Futhermore, it is much faster also in positionning the tape at the desired time code. Tape is not metal evaporated (as DVCAM), but metal particle; if this was not better with analog recording, (higher video frequency on evaporated tape) it has no reel impact on digital recording. BUT the particle tape is much stronger... A dvcpro tape can be played back on a DVCPRO25/DVCPR50 and DVCPRO100 (HD) machine: the format is more compatible. Sony has a lot of different digital formats, (Beta Digi, SX, IMX, DVCAM, and now XDCAM) which are NOT compatible to be played back on the same machine. Broadcasters use more DVCPRO for a lot of technical reasons. BUT DVCAM cost less money, and is closer from the world consumer standard Mini-DV (DV). Camera can be smaller in DV then the one in DVCPRO. I'm a DVCAM user (cameras (DSR-300/390) and recorders (DSR-80, DSR-11, DSR-25) which brings me dv world compatibility... BUT i will probably edit (as long as i'm not editing with a computer) for quite some time with a DVCPRO50 recorder... DVCAM recorder (eg DSR-80) is somewhat mechanically close from the previous Sony Hi8 recorder... But both worlds must leave, as everybody will find something better in each of them.. (didn't i prefer Sony camcorders ?! :-) Regards Patrick


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