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Panasonic MX-300 - Glitches during DV capture

Andre Posted Jan 14, 2004

MX300 glitches driving me CRAZEE!

I have a really annoying problem with my MX-300. During capture to PC using Premiere 6.0 or Ulead VS 7.0 or whatever, I get inconsistent glitches and it's driving me nuts! Surely this is not normal. By glitches I mean 2-3 frames of blocky artifacts/digital distortion accompanied by audio distortion. They are not dropped frames however. The other weird thing is that the glotches are replicated on the camera's flip out screen and on external monitor out of the camera, but the original tape footage is flawless! Many hours are wasted on each video project editing these out or replacing them. (BTW they're never in the same place twice!) I have tried everything short of investing in a Raptor or Storm capture card but I'm not sure if even this will eliminate the problem. At first I thought it was my RAID Drives, I've tweaked my system to run very lean and I've managed to minimise but never eliminate them. I have on board RAID (tried every setting possible & still happens on non-RAID drive anyway) and on board Firewire ports. The latter utilises the same IRQ 16 as the video card so suspecting the videocard was stealing resources I installed two different PCI 1394 cards which made the problem even worse, now I get massive drop frames as well! At best I can get same results ie minimal glitches, (1 every 5 minutes of capture if I'm lucky) if I use the PCI cards on my non-RAID drive. After reading a thread from Sep 2001 ('MX-300')posted on this forum, I'm more and more convinced it's the camera and not my PC system. I'm from Melbourne so it looks like I ended up with one of the cameras you tried or same batch, Graham B, in 2001. BTW serial is J1HY 00xxx. I bought mine from Panasales in 2003, probably your factory return....anyway I'm going to try Panasonic Australia for a fix (wish me well), could anyone let me know if you ever had any luck with this problem. Very frustrating. If I'd suspected the camera I could have had it fixed under warranty. BTW the only other person (GrahamB whoever you are...)in all my research for this camera that has had this problem seems to be from Melbourne too so maybe it is a batch fault. Everything else about this camera is excellent however. It's a shame but I think I will buy Sony next time. In the meantime could someone pleeeease help me out here.....


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    Hey did you ever get an answer. I have the exact same problem. The image is perfect if you watch it on the camera's LCD, and perfect if you watch it straight to TV. But when capturing it glitches for a frame - both audio and video. And my only fix is to recapture it as the glitches are in different parts each time its captured (thus having to mix and match). I've tried three different PCs, and several different capture programmes. i also got mine in Melbourne. Thanks...


    Hello, did you resolve your problem oh glitches with the Nv MX300? If yes can you please let me know your solutiion ?? Thanks Charles

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