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panasonic dv65b ccd block needed (i think)

steve Posted Jan 22, 2004

Faulty ccd block suspected on ds65

Hi. I have a panasonic ds65 DV camcorder, on which i think the ccd block has become faulty, although i am no expert. first the zoom function became intermittent, and then packed up all together, while on 10x zoom. Shortly after that the auto focus went too, now i am stuck on 10x zoom and the focus is out on nearer objects, although fine on distant ones. I have dissasembled the unit, and it appears there may be dry joints on the mica ribbon cables attatched to the ccd unit, but i am lothe to attempt to resolder them without the correct equipment. any ideas ppl, and can anyone recommend a source for the ccd block if so required?


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